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Sullivan County, Tennessee Store Ledger, c. 1882-1898.

Sullivan County Manuscript Collection 0004
Archives and History Division
Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism
3425 Highway 126, Suite 100
Blountville, Tennessee 37617

Sullivan County, Tennessee Store Ledger, c. 1882-1898.

Sullivan County Manuscript Collection 0004

1 Box.


Material in English

Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, Blountville, Tennessee

The collection was donated by Larry Biddle to the Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism in July 2004.

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Shelia Steele Hunt processed the collection and developed the finding aid in July 2004.

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This collection should be cited as:
Sullivan County, Tennessee Store Ledger, c. 1882-1898. MSS 0004, Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, Blountville, Tennessee.

Collection contains ledger of store formerly located in Sullivan County, Tennessee, ca1882-1898. Ledger includes accounts for the following persons, and it should be noted that if a name is repeated in the following, it simply indicates that the person had 2 or more pages of separate accounts within the ledger: J. T. Smith; David Sevier; Henry Smiley; N. B. Simpson; Wm. Sykes; Geo. W. Smith; Wm. Thomas; Joseph S. Vance; Ben F. Cloud; W. F. Vaught; H. B. Vaughan; H. L. Oliver; Dr. Geo. Patton; Bolton & Co.; David L. Bolton; Richard Dickson; James M. Davault; James H. Miller; T. P. Collins; William Bolton; James Selby; Sarah Coats; Peter Dinkle; Henry Godsey; Chris Stover; James G. Crum; Jos. W. Clark; Patton White; Noah Bolton; Samuel J. Kyle; Edgar Netherland; E. P. Kennedy; Robt. Crump; William Harrison; James S. Coats; Joseph W. Parker; John W. Nelms; William E. Jones; James Cox; A. B. Nelms; Wesley Davault; G. C. Cloud; M. H. Carol [Carroll]; John Bolton; Geo. W. Dickson; Thos. L. Nelms; Daniel Coats; C. C. Davault; Sterling Carol [Carroll]; Geo. Netherland; James A. Rogan; Dr. Sam Patton; William Davault; James A. Neil; Sam Gott; Gus Kinser; Henry Bailey; L. H. Copenhaver; James Fulkerson; Robt. Davault; J. P. Poston; William Johnson Sr.; William Collins; James Leedy; James Dickson; Robt. Lamkins; David R. Moore; Frank Kennedy; Emory Nelms; Sam P. Bolton; R. M. Jones; D. B. Nelms; David Waterman; Sam Kyle; Robt. Bolton; David Roller; Will Roller; John Roller; David Sevier; Mrs. James Neil; John Lynch; L. M. Stuffle; Robt. Cloud; Samuel Peirce; Chas. C. Bolton; Sam J. Kyle; Joseph S. Vance; C. N. Jordan; James A. Rogan; Geo. W. Smith; N. B. Simpson; L. M. Bolton; Chris Stover; David Davault; Samuel Lampkins; J. T. Smith; David Nelms; Sam J. Kyle; James S. Coats; James G. Green; Hon. Joseph S. Vance; Rev. J. W. C. Willoughby; T. P. Collins; Joseph W. Clark; Patton White; David Sevier; Wm. Davault; A. Gibson; L. H. Copenhaver; Andrew Cartright; Sam J. Kyle; J. W. Davault; Hon. Joseph S. Vance; Cris Stover; Jerry Gibson; William Harison [Harrison]; Robt. Crump; James A. Rogan; Henderson B. Vaughan; T. L. Nelms; Sam J. Kyle; Wm. Johnson; A. J. Breading [Breeding]; T. P. Collins; J. W. Clark; Sam Patton; James A. Neil; David Sevier; George W. Smith; J. S. Vance; J. S. Coats; Bolton & Co; James W. Kelley; W. F. Vaught; Wm. Bolton; Dan Coats; Samuel J. Kyle; Cris Stover; David Waterman; Henry Smiley; Wm. Cloud; Joseph S. Vance; R. B. Davault; Sam Kyle; James G. Crum; James A. Rogan; Chris Stover; Nick Hilton; John Bolton; Wm. L. Coats; Geo. Patton; Jno. Ellis; Nathan Shipley; Isaac T. Smith; Dr. G. E. Patton; E. B. Wheeler; James Leedy; George W. Smith; G. W. Goloway [Golloway; Galloway]; John Roller; Samuel Bachman; John W. Nelms; J. F. Howard; E. D. Smith; Samuel J. Kyle; J. P. Gardner; A. F. Martin; Jas. A. Rogan; Mrs. W. C. Dickson; John Poston; George Dickson; Jno. W. Dickson; John Arnold; Peter Dinkle; Wm. O. Davault; David J. Waterman; Henderson B. Vaughan; D. B. Wexler; Andrew Gibson; David Davault; Nick Barger; A. B. Nelms; George W. Smith; D. B. Nelms; Thomas Dillow; Samuel G. Ketron; Sallie E. Smith; Jno. G. Preston; R. T. Mitchel [Mitchell]; Wiley Mosley; E. D. Smith; A. J. Cartright; Mrs. A. J. Cartright; Mollie E. Smith; Samuel Pense [Pence]; Will Roller; Jessie Birdwell; Richard Dickson; Joseph Parker; L. M. Stoffle; Mrs. H. Dickson; George W. Horne; Noah B. Dickson; Wm. H. Gott; Martin Harbour; Mrs. M. A. Shipley; Geo. W. Smith; J. W. Russell; Joe S. Vance; Geo. C. Shipley; T. S. Hargis; Ben C. Davault; Chas. W. Vaughan; M. H. Carol [Carroll]; Wm. G. Peavler; Mrs. S. A. Peavler; Tho. L. Nelms; M. M. Childress; Jack Arnold; J. S. Gunning; Geo. E. Moody; W. N. Peavler; H. B. Vaughan; Geo. W. Childress; H. B. Vaughan; Geo. W. Childress; J. W. Richardson; Enoch Dickson; Geo. W. Smith; W. I. Shoemaker; Jno. W. Parker; John Gaines; W. N. Patton; D. G. Rogan; John F. Pearce; Sam Patton; Frank Dickenson; Charlie Rogan; Sam Thompson; George E. Patton; W. N. Patton; James McIntosh; Martha Lewis; James Lewis; A. C. Peltier; W. N. Patton; B. F. Cloud; H. C. Cloud; H. T. Churchwell; Thomas Light; Martha Lewis; Joe Guidotte; John Churchwell; Frank Dickerson; C. N. Jordan. Also mentioned: A. J. Roller vs. T. L. Nelms et al; H. C. Cloud vs. J. L. Vance; A. L. Gump vs. J. S. Vance; Misiger Clothing Co. vs. J. S. Vance; J. D. Cloud vs. Nash McIntosh; A. J. Sensabaugh vs. Geo E. & Sam Patton; J. H. Swan vs. J. S. Vance; Jess Anderson vs. Jas. T. Johnson; Miller & Co. vs. Sam Patton; D. Roller vs. J. S. Vance; J. C. Owens vs. Nash McIntosh; A. S. Gump vs. J. L. Vance; J. S. L. Mackey for the use of D. G. Hamilton vs. Rot. Smith; Wm. Roller vs. J. W. & N. C. Bolton; J. L. Brown vs. Sam Patton; Howard Mfg. Co. vs. J. W. Groseclose; Neil Roller & Co. vs. Nash McIntosh; W. H. Brown vs. John Lynch; Lucinda Clark vs. W. W. Harris; J. M. Phipps vs. Jas. Taylor; J. M. Phipp vs. J. F. Clyce; J. M. Phipps vs. S. A. Clyce; D. N. Akard vs. Sam Patton; Neil Roller & Co. vs. W. C. Churchwell.

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1. Sullivan County, Tennessee Store Ledger, c. 1882-1898.

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