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William R. Dulaney and Mary C. Taylor Collection, c. 1812-1921 (not inclusive).

Sullivan County Manuscript Collection 0014
Archives and History Division
Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism
3425 Highway 126, Suite 100
Blountville, Tennessee 37617

William R. Dulaney and Mary C. Taylor Collection, c. 1812-1921 (not inclusive).

Sullivan County Manuscript Collection 0014.

1 Box.

William R. Dulaney and Mary C. Taylor Dulaney and descendants.

Material in English

Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, Blountville, Tennessee

The collection was donated by an unknown person to the Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism in March 2005.

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Shelia Steele Hunt processed the collection and developed the finding aid in March 2005.

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This collection should be cited as:
William R. Dulaney and Mary C. Taylor Collection. MSS 0014, Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, Blountville, Tennessee.

This collection began with the family of W. R. Dulaney (1800-1860) and Mary Taylor (1807-1883) of Sullivan Co., TN. The collection contains letters from Nathaniel Taylor, John S. Gaines, N. M. Taylor, W. D. Haynes, J. Fain Anderson, James S. Shumaker, A. F. St.John, M. Butler, Cas C. Bennet, James W. Smith, and others.  Letters range from various dates between 1812 to 1898.  The collection also contains various receipts with various dates ranging from 1827 to 1872; poems and religious writings; a 1797 indenture between Joseph Tipton of Carter County, Tennessee to Nathaniel Taylor of Carter County; account books with various dates from 1816 to 1839; CSA stock certificates; and numerous unidentified tintypes.

Names in the collection include, but are not limited to, J. Fain Anderson; George Bailey; James Bailey; William Barker; Cas. C. Bennet; James Beverly; William Blair; Willie Blount; James Bolin; Elijah Bright; James Bright; Brazeal Burch; Aaron Butler; Ephraim Butler; Dr. Matthew M. Butler; W. G. Butler; William Butler; William F. Butler; General Carter; M. D. Carter; Nan Ab Caruthers; Samuel Coaling; Mr. Cocks; Stephen Conley; William Copas, Sr.; Mr. Cox; John Cox; Jeremiah Cunningham; Pauline Davis; Mrs. Deaton; David Denny; John Denny; William Denny; George H. Devault; Davy Drury; Dr. Dulaney; Mrs. M. C. Dulaney; Samuel Edgeman; George W. Finley; Mr. Fleenor; William Folkner; Thomas P. Ford; E. B. Foster; Ambrose Gaines; John S. Gaines; George Gammon; John Garrelson; Duke Gibson; Aunt Gillespie; J. B. Gilman; Henry Godsey; Elcany [Elkanah] Gott; Richard Hail; Druton S. Hale; Richard Hale; Martin Hall; J. B. Hamilton; John B. Hamilton; W. D. Haynes; Joseph Helton; John Henry; William Henry; John Hensley; Mr. Herndon; Richard Hickam; Peter Hickman; A. Hicks; Albert Hicks; J. G. Hicks; Finley Houser; Aaron Huffman; J. J. Hughes; Samuel Hunt; John Hyder; Michael Hyder; William Ireson; Sarah Larkey; Mr. Leftwich; Robert Lockerd; William Logan; Sheriff A. G. Lowery; John Lynn; William Lynn; Henry Maggard; Valentine McCalip; Daniel McCarthy; John McHenry; Judith McHenry; J. A. McKinney; John McKinney; David McNabb; Jacob Merchant; Jacob Miller; Drury A. Mimms; H. H. Moore; Matthew Moore; Logan Nelms; Joseph Newland; W. O'Brien; Anthony Palmer; Mrs. Pippin; George R. Powell; Mr. Rhea; Margaret Roberts; Martha Robertson; mr. Rutland; Mr. Seneker; Thomas Shaffer; John Shaver; Thomas Shaver; Benjamin Shipley; James S. Shumaker; Mr. Smith; James W. Smith; Johnithan [Jonathan] Smith; Anthony Sourbeer; Dr. George Spurgeon; A. F. St.John; Nellie Taylor St. John; David Steel; James Steel; David Swisman; Matthew Talbott; A. W. Taylor; Alfred W. Taylor; Andrew Taylor; Nathaniel Taylor; George Thomas; Joseph Tipton; Samuel Turner; James Vaughan; John W. Vaughan; Kennally G. Vaughan; Mr. Whitaker; Lewis Whitaker; John White; Thomas White; Logan Williams; W. L. Worsham.

Sullivan County (Tenn.)--Genealogy.
Dulaney family.
Taylor family.
Anderson family.
Blount family.


  1. Letter from Nathaniel Taylor to His Excellency Gov. Willie Blount, 23 Jul 1812.
  2. Letter from John S. Gaines of Edens Ridge to Alfred W. Taylor Esqr. of Elizabethton, Tennessee, 1841.
  3. Letter from N. M. Taylor of Lebanon, Wilson Co., TN, 1847, addressed to "Dear Father". Names and places mentioned: Carter; Samuel Hunt; Aunt Gillespie’s; Lebanon; Samuel Turney [Forney?]; Mr. Rhea; Nan Ab Caruthers; Mr. Rutland; Nashville.
  4. Letter from W. D. Haynes of Pattonsville, VA to Capt. Wm. F. Butler near Bristol, 1864.
  5. Letter from J. Fain Anderson of Jonesborough E. Tenn. addressed to W. F. and W. G. Butler, 1867.
  6. Letter from [initials "appear" to be N.W.D.] of Verona, Boone Co., KY addressed to "Dear Father", 1867. Names mentioned: Vadny & Edward.
  7. Letter from "Mollie" at "Little White cottage" to "Dear Mamma", 1871.
  8. Letter from James S. Shumaker of Estillville [Scott Co., VA] to Wm. Butler Esq., 1872. Names mentioned: "Druton S. Hale, who resides near this place".
  9. Letter from A. F. St.John addressed to "My dear Mother", 1875.
  10. Letter and envelope from M. Butler [signed "your loving daughter"] of Bristol, Tenn., addressed to "Dear Mother" [Mrs. M. C. Dulaney of Blountville E Tenn.], 1881.
  11. Letter and envelope from "Your loving Mollie" of Bristol, to "My dear Mama", 1881.
  12. Letter from "Your loving Mollie" to "Dear Mother", 1881.
  13. Letter from Cas. C. Bennet addressed to "Dear Rena", 1887. Names mentioned: Mr. Smith; Miss Emma.
  14. Letter from James W. Smith, St. Louis, MO to "Dear cousin Lorena", 1898.
  15. Receipt, 1827: Received of A. W. Taylor $85 and a note in hand. Signed by David McNabb.
  16. Receipt, 1837: Received of Matthew Moore one due bill on H. H. Moore for $25 payable to Wm. F. Butler with interest. Signed By M. D. Carter.
  17. Receipt: Received of William Butler one note in hand on Wm. Copas Sr., 1840. Signed by J. B. Gilman.
  18. Handwritten note, 1840: "The land was sold on the 7th Oct 1840 and my claim was $350.16 on that day." Signed by James Vaughan.
  19. Promissory note to pay John McKinney [or McHenry], 1841. Signed by J. Merchant and Wm. F. Butler; Note to pay George R. Powell, 1842. Signed by J. A. McKinney; Received the amount of this note of Wm. F. Butler this June 8th 1844. Signed by J. B. Hamilton. Received $15. Jacob Merchant, 1844.
  20. Handwritten note, 1841. "Dew [due] John B. Hamilton $9.19 for tax this 19 Nov 1841 on the Hickman lands redeemed from --- and Wm. Rutledge." Signed by J. Merchant.
  21. Handwritten note, 1844. "Farmington, Marshel County, Tennessee. I do certify that I saw Mr. Butlers boy Louis work in the smith shop and I believe him to be capable of doing farming work in good order. This 10th May 1844." Signed by Jeremiah Cunningham.
  22. Receipt, 1846.  "Due Saml. Evans twelve dollars and thirty seven and one half cents". Signed by Wm. F. Butler.
  23. Document, 1851. Top portion of document: "Received of Wm. F. Butler as a gift to my wife of his estate [lengthy list of items follows]". Signed by Kennally G. Vaughan. Bottom portion of document: "Received of Wm. F. Butler as a gift to my wife of his estate [lengthy list of items follows]". Signed by John W. Vaughan.
  24. Note, 1853. "Received of Wm. F. Butler one note against John Quail dated 8 Jan 1853 and on account on Elbert Jones which I am to collect." Signed by Thos. P. Ford. Const; Receipt, 1853. "Received account on Benjamin Shipley for notification on this 12 May 1853 and 1 due bill." Signed by Thos. P. Ford Const.
  25. Receipt, 1862. Received of Wm. F. Butler $78.80 in bank notes. Signed by A. G. Lowry Shff.
  26. Handwritten note, 1867. "Please take notice that on the 13 May next at J. G. Hicks in the 10th Civil District of Sullivan Co., TN I will proceed to take the deposition of Martha Robertson [Sarah Larkey’s name written above this] which when taken I will offer as evidence in the suit now pending in the chancery court of Sullivan County in which you are defendants and I and others complainants you can attend and cross examine if you wish this 29th April 1867." Signed by Jas. J. Hughes. Outside of document has "Notice to Defendants Wm. F. and Wm. G. Butler vs. J. J. Hughes & others, Sept 29 ‘67".
  27. Handwritten note to Mr. Wm. Ireson to pay Mr. Butler $5.20, 1872. Signed by Geo. H. Devault & son.
  28. Handwritten note for Mr. Seneker to pay W. F. Butler; Mr. Fleener [Fleenor] to pay W. F. Butler; and Mr. Cocks [Cox] to pay W. F. Butler, undated. All signed by W. L. Worsham.
  29. Poems and religious writings, undated, 40 documents.
  30. Indenture, 1797, between Joseph Tipton of Carter Co., TN to Nathaniel Taylor of Carter Co., TN. Signed by Jos. Tipton. Witnessed by John Garrelson and Robert Lockerd.
  31. Account, 1816, of Mr. George Gammon & Co for Dr. Dulaney, Balt. Bought of Geo. & Jas. Baily [Bailey] & Co. Back side of document states "Bill from Geo. & Jas. Baily & Co."
  32. 32. German booklet, 1818.
  33. Account book, 1836-1839, containing many Sullivan County names. Legible names included: William F. Butler; Aaron Huffman; William Lynn; Lewis Whitaker; John Lynn; Logan Williams; Joseph Helton; George Thomas; Elcany Gott; Wm. Barker; John Hensley; William Blair; Thomas Shaffer; Ambrose Gaines; John Shaver; Duke Gibson; Ephraim Butler; John Denny; A. Hicks; William Denney; Drury Mimm; Davy Drury; John White; Valentine McCalip; Anthony Sowerbiear [Sourbeer]; David Steal [Steel]; James Steal [Steel]; Peter Hickman; Judith McHenry; Aaron Butler; Wm. Folkner; Henry Maggard; Samuel Edgman; Logan Nelms; William Logan; Martin Hall; Johnb Shaver; Joseph Newlin [Newland]; Richard Hickum [Hickam]; Eligha [Elijah] Bright; Henry Godsey; Jacob Miller; James Bright; Richard Hail [Hale]; Brazeal Burch; Samuel Edgeman; James Bolin; Thomas White; Samuel Coaling. Other names were illegible.
  34. Account book, 1836-1837, containing many Sullivan County names. Legible names included: David Swisman; Wm. Barker; Finley Houser; John Hensley; Wm. Blair; Thomas Shaver; Ambrose Gaines; John Shaver; Ephraim Butler; Duke Gibson; John Denny; John and Wm. Henry; Albert Hicks; David Denny; Drury A. Mimms; John White; Valentine McCalip; Whitaker; Stephen Conley; Anthony Sourbeer. Other names were illegible.
  35. Confederate States of America stock certificate for Daniel McCarthy, $300, 1863. Certificate was transferred to William F. Butler. Signed by Daniel McCarthy. Witnessed by Geo. W. Finley.
  36. Stock Certificate for John Cox; Commonwealth State Bank, Bristol, TN, 1921.
  37. Notice for position of "miller" wanted by E. B. Foster of Bristol, 1867.
  38. Photograph of unidentified woman, undated.
  39. Tintype of unidentified woman with plaid shawl, undated.
  40. Tintype of three unidentified men, undated.
  41. Tintype of unidentified young man, undated.
  42. Tintype of unidentified woman, undated.
  43. Tintype of unidentified woman, undated.
  44. Tintype of unidentified family group of seven (7) people, undated.
  45. Tintype of unidentified small child, undated.
  46. Tintype of unidentified group of thirteen (13) men, undated.
  47. Tintype of two unidentified men, undated.
  48. Tintype of unidentified small boy, undated.
  49. Tintype of Dr. George Spurgeon, undated.
  50. Tintype of young couple (man and woman), undated.
  51. Tintype of young boy ["Spurgeon" inscribed on back], undated.

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