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John Robert Snow-Margaret Ellen Dooley Collection, c. 1853-1975 (not inclusive).

Sullivan County Manuscript Collection 0050
Archives and History Division
Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism
3425 Highway 126, Suite 100
Blountville, Tennessee 37617

John Robert Snow-Margaret Ellen Dooley Collection, c. 1853-1975 (not inclusive).

Sullivan County Manuscript Collection 0050.

9 Boxes.

Snow and Dobyns families.

Material in English

Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, Blountville, Tennessee

The collection was donated by James Robert Dobyns to the Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism in April 2008.

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Shelia Steele Hunt processed the collection and developed the finding aid in April 2008.

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This collection should be cited as:
John Robert Snow-Margaret Ellen Dooley Collection, c. 1853-1975. MSS 0050, Archives and History Division, Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism, Blountville, Tennessee.

This collection contains documents and artifacts from families and ancestors of John Robert Snow (1863-1944) and his wife, Margaret Ellen (Nell or Nellie) Dooley (1870-1949) of Sullivan Co., TN. John Robert Snow was the former County Court Clerk and he resided in downtown Blountville next door to the Sullivan County Courthouse.

Anderson, Birdie
Anderson, Cam
Anderson, Rhea, 1898-1973.
Boring family
Bradshaw, Frank A.
Campbell family
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
Dobyns family
Dobyns, (Mrs.)
Dobyns, Martha Snow, 1902-
Dooley family
Dooley, Earnest
Dooley, Isaac Earnest, 1858-
Dooley, J. M.
Dooley, Margaret Ellen, 1870-1949.
Dooley, William A., 1830-1893.
Duff, Cecil
Fain, Hiram E.
Finley, Robert G.
Gammon, Samuel
Hamilton family
Hamilton, William
Hermesian Literary Society
Holt, Peggy
Hoss, Rebecca H., 1861-1916.
Kingsport High School
Massengill home
Myers, Mary Smiley
Newland, Martha
Newland, Matt
Newland, Max
Newspaper clippings
Piney Creek
Plummer College
Rhea family
Rhea, Joseph (Rev.), 1715-1777.
Smith, J. W.
Snow family
Snow, John Minneweather
Snow, John Robert, 1863-1944.
Snow, M. C.
Snow, Margaret Dooley, 1870-1949.
Spurgeon, Authur
Stonewall Jackson College
Sullivan County (Tenn.)--Genealogy.
Sullivan County (Tenn.)--History.
Vance, Charles A.
Vance, Charles Robertson, 1835-1911.
Vance, Margaret
War Ration book


Box 1
1. Inventory of this Snow-Dooley collection; inventory handwritten by James Robert Dobyns.
2. Book, Golden Thoughts from Charles Dickens.
3. Diary, Mrs. John Robert (Nell) Snow, 1947.
4. Daybook, 1945.
5. Nell Dooley book, 1927.
6. Book belonging to Isaac Earnest Dooley (brother of Nell Dooley Snow), 1912.
7. Mrs. John R. Snow diary, 1938-1946.
8. Letter to Dr. Cam Anderson from Joe B., 1889.
9. Letter from Emma to Miss Nellie M. Dooley, 1883.
10. Letter from Samuel Gammon to Martha Newland, 1854.
11. Letter from Rhea Anderson to Martha, 1952.
12. Letter from Mary Smiley Myers to Mrs. Dobyns, 1952.
13. Letter to Matt Newland from Cousin Hiram E. Fain, 1854.
14. Letter to "Mattie" from cousin Hiram Fain, undated.
15. Letter to Mr. William A. Dooley from Charles A. Vance, 1867.
16. Letter to cousin Mattie Newland, 1855.
17. Letter to "My darling sister" Mattie, undated.
18. Letter to Matt Newland, 1853.
19. Letter from Peggy Holt to Martha Snow Dooley, 1975.
20. Genealogy of Rhea and Campbell families, copied from Internet, 2007.
21. Genealogy of Dobyns, Snow, Dooley, Hamilton, Rhea and Boring families.
22. Genealogy of Rhea family, undated.
23. D.A.R. certificate for Martha Snow Dobyns, 1952.
24. Martha Snow diploma, 1921.
25. Lineage application (D.A.R.) of Mrs. Martha Snow Dobyns, 1952.
26. Diploma for Martha Rebecca Snow, 1919.
27. Delayed certificate of birth for Martha Rebecca Snow.
28. Death certificate for Margaret Dooley Snow, 1949.
29. Will of Nelle Dooley Snow, 1944.
30. Deed of conveyance of personal property from R. A. Dobyns to Margaret H. Allison, 1942.
31. Cemetery deed at Gunnings Cemetery, plot conveyed to John R. and Nellie Dooley Snow, 1944.
32. Widow's dower for Rebecca H. Newland, 1867.
33. School report cards for Martha Snow, 1913-1914.
34. Newspaper article re John R. Snow re-election as road builder, undated.
35. Newspaper clipping re funeral for Mrs. Will S. Anderson, 1948.

Box 2
36. Newspaper clippings, miscellaneous articles re work of Mrs. R. A. Dobyns with Presbyterian Church.
37. Martha Snow, essay dated 1919.
38. Subpoena of J. W. Smith in case of Moses & Clemons vs. Patrick Hickman, 1887.
39. J. M. Dooley calling card.
40. Miscellaneous drawing with family annotations.
41. "Piney Creek, 1777 to 1997", Rev. Joseph Rhea burial place in Maryland.
42. Document, Hermesian Literary Society, Emory & Henry College, 1888
43. War Ration Book issued to John R. Snow, 1943.
44. Envelope from Rhea Anderson to Mrs. R. A. Dobyns, undated.
45. Valentine dated 1856.
46. Poem entitled, "The Famous Robert G. Finley Toast".
47. Sunday School Convention program, 1897.
48. Story entitled, "As the Moon Rose".
49. Photographic print of Old Massengill homestead.
50. Unidentified photographs.
51. Miscellaneous photos of "Tennessee Folks Related to Nell Dooley".
52. Tintypes, unidentified.
53. Photographic print of Martha Rebecca Snow, undated.
54. Booklet, Frank A. Bradshaw book (contains genealogy).
55. Memorial booklet of M. C. Snow, 1925.
56. Photographic print of William Hamilton and wife; John Minneweather Snow and wife.
57. Photographic print of Nell Dooley Snow and John Robert Snow.
58. Photographic print of John R. Snow home in Blountville.
59. Photographic print of Martha Rebecca Snow.
60. Photographic print of Mary Dooley, wife of Earnest.
61. Photographic print of Martha Snow.
62. Photographic print of Martha Rebecca Snow, 1905.
63. Photographic print of Rebecca H. Dooley Hoss (1861-1916).
64. Photographic print of Margaret Vance (daughter of Charles Robertson Vance).
65. Photographic print of Cecil Duff.
66. Photographic print of Birdie Anderson.
67. Photographic print of Authur Spurgeon.
68. Photographic print of Max Newland.
69. Photographic print of Charles Robertson Vance (1835-1911).

Box 3
70. Photograph album of Martha Snow.
71. Photograph album of Martha Snow.
72. Autograph book of Miss Nellie M. Dooley, 1884.

Box 4
73. Nell Snow, Plummer College notebook, 1888.
74. Funeral logbook of John R. Snow, 1944.
75. Yearbook, Stonewall Jackson College, 1920.
76. Yearbook, Kingsport High School, 1920.
77. Bible story book of Joseph and Martha Snow.
78. Martha Snow Dobyns notebook.

Box 5
79. Yearbook, Stonewall Jackson College, 1921.
80. Martha Snow's Bible, 1919.
81. Martha Snow Dobyns' Bible, 1952.
82. Prayer book of Nell Dooley Snow.

Box 6
83. Book entitled "Antiquities of the Jews"; book belonged to William A. Dooley.

Box 7
84. Victorian photo album.

Box 8
85. Book owned by Joseph Dooley; book holds lots of newspaper clippings including obituaries.

Box 9
86. Miscellaneous artifacts from Snow-Dooley family.

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