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What we have
Our Research Center is extremely broad-based and delves into the history and genealogy of numerous Southern states, with a special focus on TN, VA, NC and KY. While most of our holdings are too extensive to list on our website, here are some of the highlights of our collections for Sullivan County:

  • Bible records.
  • Birth records.
  • Books (extensive Research Library within the Archives, adjacent to Courthouse)
  • Cemeteries.
  • Census records.
    • Sullivan County censuses 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 (print).
    • Tennessee census records, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 (print).
    • U.S. census records, 1790-1930 (digital).
  • Chancery case files, c. 1850-1950.
  • Civil War, extensive collection of books, includes but not limited to:
    • Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 16 vols.
    • Confederate Veteran, 43 vols.
    • Confederate Military History, 19 vols.
    • War of the Rebellion (partial set)
    • The Union Army, 9 vols.
    • North Carolina Troops
  • Death records (from 1908).
    • Sullivan County Death Record abstracts, 1908-1918 (print).
    • Sullivan County Death Record abstracts, 1918-1925 (print).
    • Sullivan County Death Certificates and index, 1925-1930 (print).
    • Tennessee Death Certficates, 1908-1955 (microfilm).
  • Deeds and Land Records
    • Sullivan County Deed abstracts, 1775-1836 (print).
    • Sullivan County Deeds, 1775-present (print).
    • North Carolina Land Grants in Sullivan County (print).
    • W. Dale Carter Land Grant Database, c. 1780-1820 (digital).
  • History of Sullivan County
  • Manuscripts and Artifacts - Our Manuscripts and Artifacts Collections are rapidly growing! If you have something you would like to donate to the Archives and History Department regarding TN, VA, NC, KY or otherwise, please email us. We greatly appreciate your help!
  • Maps.
  • Marriage records.
    • Marriages 1863-1950, original copies.
    • Marriages 1951-1999, original copies. Request form.
  • Microforms.
  • Military records.
    • Revolutionary War pension abstracts (print).
    • War of 1812 rosters (print).
    • Mexican War rosters (print).
    • Civil War, extensive holdings (print).
    • World War I Draft Registration Cards (digital).
  • Native American records.
  • Newspapers.
    • Bristol Herald Courier, c. 1899-1970 (offsite facility).
    • Kingsport Times and Kingsport Times-News, c. 1916-1980 (digital).
  • Photographic collection.
  • Probate records.
    • Wills, 1830-2001, original copies.
    • Estate settlements, c. 1850-1950, original copies.
  • Surname files (hundreds of thousands of surname files).
  • Tax Lists, original copies (offsite facility).


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