Appalachian Caverns

Truly a "hidden gem" in Blountville
Once serving a shelter for Native Americans in this area, Appalachian Caverns is located in the heart of historic Sulliva County. For centuries, the great cavern lay in silence, occasionally providing a challenge for the "week-end warrior", and in days gone by, serving as a home for two brothers, as a shelter for the Indians, and as a secret place for making moonshine.  Today, the site proudly boasts an elaborate lighting system, and safe, dry walkways.  Knowledgeable, well trained guides will allow you to stroll leisurely along savoring the breathtaking beauty the labyrinth of corridors and rooms have to offer.  Almost one mile of walkways, some winding through great rooms with ceilings reaching an impressive height of 135 feet, provide a full hour of excitement and adventure. Beautiful rich colors, provided by manganese, iron, calcium, copper and many other minerals, set the stage for a tour that will long be remembered.  Formations ranging from delicate helictites to mighty columns, weighing tons, decorate the giant chambers and provide something new around every bend.  Appalachian Caverns can accommodate large groups, tour buses and school buses.


Location and contact information
Location: 420 Cave Hill Rd., Blountville/TN
Phone: 423.323.2337

Sullivan County Department of Archives and Tourism: 423.323.4660

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